22.02.2020. Klik Klak: Kirill Shapovalov @Tallinas ielas kvartāls

22.02.2020. Klik Klak: Kirill Shapovalov @Tallinas ielas kvartāls

Klik Klak: Kirill Shapovalov (Popoff Kitchen)
industrial + body music + queer

Klik Klak is back at the best secret club in Tallinas ielas kvartāls and we have Kirill Shapovalov, dj and co-founder of the queer party Popoff Kitchen cooked in Moscow, joining us. Popoff Kitchen is leading Russia’s blossoming queer clubbing scene forward. Kirill Shapovalov eclectic sets are reaching dark, industrial, minimal wave and queer territories. To put some more discipline during the night, Thinner aka Pauls Kvālis, one of the member of the well-known Latvian industrial music label STURM, will be joining the lineup with a live performance fueled by rhythmic and power noise.

_ live:
Thinner (STURM)

_dj set :
Kirill Shapovalov (Popoff Kitchen)
Lévi & Strauss ( Aristīds, Klik Klak)

7€ press Going till 19:00 (22.02)
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