QueerFest'19 - Let's celebrate Love and acceptance!

QueerFest'19 - Let's celebrate Love and acceptance!

2019. gada 16. jūlijs

The First LGBT + Community and Their Friends Festival "QueerFest'19"

August 24th, 2019
Gertrudes str. 33/35

Riga, Latvia

“QueerFest'19” - a festival of freedom, fellowship and a new start for the LGBT + community. An event filled with love for anyone who is part of, or supports the LGBT+ community. QueerFest'19- a festival, which will kick off the start of a new stage in the life of the LGBT + community in Latvia. Freedom and fellowship will be celebrated at the festival- a love filled event for all members of the LGBT+ community and their allies.

As part of the QueerFest'19 festival, the world will be celebrated under the rainbow flag - various LGBT + community events will take place throughout the day, such as debates on topical issues, creative workshops and performances, and festival visitors will have the chance to learn more about organizations that support the community. The festival will be accompanied by live music, a “RuPaul's Drag Race” quiz, a costume fashion show and other exciting activities. QueerFest'19 will conclude the grandiose Ball of Saints Vogue Ball, which will bring together the most extravagant participants who will be ready to prove themselves in different categories on the runway.

The event is organized by “House of Weiss” in cooperation with LGBT + Youth Group “Skapis.eu”, LGBT + and their friends' organization “Mozaīka” and “Pride.lv”.

The festival will include:

  • An LGBT + friendly organization EXPO - An opportunity to learn about organizations that are happy to support the community and voluntarily accept every queer, promoting social inclusion.

  • RuPaul's Drag Race fashion show and quiz- It's time to show your knowledge and ingenuity about one of the most popular LGBT + shows! "RuPaul's Drag Race" has become the platform for popularizing LGBT + topical issues, the show has become popular with an audience all around the world and will soon finish its 11th season. During the show, we have had the chance to admire thousands of amazing costumes, countless conflicts and drama filled situations, all while supporting our favorite drag queens. Visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to sharpen their minds and compete for the title of Drag Race's "Know-It-All", by showing their skills in dressmaking and working the runway.

  • Creative activities and workshops - from zero-waste to henna tattoo, during QueerFest’19 every creative mind and soul will be able to find a place to express their creativity. T-shirt printing, Your own style creating and much more. There will also be a chance to participate in pin making, screen printing and other activities.

  • Leisure lounge and live music - "QueerFest'19 ” is a celebration where we invite everyone to celebrate and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and live music. For the entire festival, drinks and small snacks will be catered for by a specially prepared snack area with live music that will be played and performed by LGBT + activists or community supporters.

  • Annual Vogue Balle Ball of All Saints- time to continue the tradition started in March and proclaim the Second Vogue Ball, organized by the House of Weiss. The Ball of AllSaints was not chosen for no reason. Religion is one of the cornerstones on which 'traditional' love and family values are based. Within the "All Saints Ball",for one day, religion will be perceived through the rainbow. Extravagant and elegant costumes, stunning dances, a mind-blowing energy explosion - all thisat the QueerFest'19”Vogue Ball.

Entrance fees:

First 100 tickets
QueerFest'19 day program - 7,00 EUR/person
Vogue Ball "Ball of Saints" - 7,00 EUR/person
Full-day ticket - 12,00 EUR/person

QueerFest'19 day program - 8,00 EUR/person
Vogue Ball "Ball of Saints" - 8,00 EUR/person

Full-day ticket - 12,00 EUR/person


For Group requests, please contact organizators of QueerFest'19 - info@houseofweiss.info

About the Festival Organizer:

Edgars Kozuliņš or Weiss - The Mother and Household of Drag House "House of Weiss". Owner of Project “ICON” Choreographer and dance teacher with extensive experience both in Latvia and abroad. Riga Ballroom Monthly and First Annual Vogue BallRiga is on Fire: The Ball ” organizer, who has gained experience in Youth festivals and events organized by the Latvian Youth Council as aco-organizer, Technical Coordinator, and Media Program representative. Previously the author of youth initiatives and projects, as well as an organizer of dance camps.

This information was prepared by the QueerFest'19 Organizer Team.

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